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14 July 1999
The concept of web marketing for the hospitality industry was born. After months of planning and development, coupled with radio advertising across Sydney and Melbourne, Pubsclubs went live on 01 April 2000. 

01 September 2004
Realising that there was much disparity in the pricing paid by pubs and clubs for the same goods and services, the Pubsclubs Buying Group was formed, whilst relationships with quality industry suppliers was established to provide better pricing to Pubsclubs Members.

01 May 2007
Recognising that up to 70% of pubs and clubs across Australia either didn’t have a website or that theirs was outdated and detrimental to their marketing, we set about developing a variety of templates with a simple Content Management System and our Free Website Offer was launched.

09 June 2008
The significant impact of changing smoking and gaming legislation saw a rebranding and the launching of Pubsclubs Consultancy. Squarely aimed at implementing tailor-made ideas, strategies and solutions to increase prosperity in pubs and clubs, it combined all aspects of the Pubsclubs Buying Group to reduce operating costs, with the variety of CRM tools to increase turnover from the existing and new customer base.

It’s Proven
We have helped hundreds of pubs and clubs increase their profitability by tens of thousands of dollars every year through innovative solutions, better deals from suppliers and fresh ideas. The testimonials interspersed throughout the website provide a clear indication of our ability to implement profitable strategies.

Information is the Key
Helping hundreds of pubs and clubs with a wide variety of goods and services translates to a lot of knowledge that can be applied in any venue looking to increase their profitability. With suppliers regularly approaching Pubsclubs to promote new innovative products, this is key information that licensees and secretary managers can draw upon, that they wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

It’s Easy
We have implemented many automated solutions including an online Supplier Contracts Registry that reminds you of expiring contracts, we have systems in place to maintain regular communication and best of all – we save you the time of sourcing comparative solutions. It all adds up to you having to spend less time problem solving!

“Asquith Leagues have used Pubsclubs for approximately five years and have not looked back. Pubsclubs provides a service critical to the ever growing pressures of running a profitable business and I would not hesitate recommending them to any size licensed more
Ray Agostino, ACCM,
General Manager
Asquith Leagues Club
Phone: (02) 9487 1066

“Pubsclubs has had a significant impact on the club with cost savings in excess of $100,000 over two years. More than ever, Clubs need to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue whether it’s restructuring promotions or business advice. Pubsclubs provides it all.” read more
Brad Koolis,
Secretary Manager
Club Botany
Phone: (02) 9316 8945